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Hi Friends,

The Fun-A-Day site is now a wiki, which means you can add your show, add your project, post pictures, share materials, and get in touch with each other directly. We hope this helps decentralize the project and enables you to make Fun-A-Day your own. Register an account and click on the editing links to the right to get started. If you want to add your own show page, check out the wiki's documentation to see how. Let us know how it goes!

<3 the artclash collective

seventeeth annual fun-a-day

Fun-a-Day starts January 1st, 2021! Pick a project, do it every day in January and show your work in a group show the following month. If you would like to start a Fun-A-Day project in your city, check out our quick start guide and add your event to the 2021 list below.

Thank you to all the participants of the 16th Annual Fun-A-Day project. Last year, artists across the globe chose a project (take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake, etc.) to do every day in January (or in some places, February). Browse our Archives for info on past events and see the list below for show details.


Fun-A-Day Philadelphia
The 17th Annual Fun-A-Day Project in its hometown, Philadelphia!
No show this year because of COVID-19 :( STAY SAFE!!!
How to participate in the time of COVID
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Fun-A-Day DC
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Fun-A-Day LA
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Fun-A-Day Dundee
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