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-[[​events/​753164185056291/​|DC]] +[[|Washington, D.C.]] 
-Fun-A-Day ​in the District of Columbia!  +The 7th Fun-A-Day ​DC
-[[|Register for free here!]] +[[​funadaydc2020|Register for free here!]] 
-Create art every day in January+here comes fun
-Show February ​102019 from 10am-1pm at [[|Rhizome DC]]+Show Sunday ​February ​92020 from 1pm-4pm at [[|Rhizome DC]]
 [[http://​​|More info here!]] [[http://​​|More info here!]]
 +[[https://​​|Traverse City, Michigan]]
 +Traverse City celebrates Fun-A-Day in February. Show and tell at the expo breakfast on Sunday, March 3rd (10am). Visit our website for more information,​ or text 492-0417 (TC area code)
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