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-[[about]] ​  ​[[photos]] ​  ​[[press]] ​  ​[[links]] ​  ​[[contact]]+[[about]] ​ ​•  ​[[photos]] ​ ​•  ​[[press]] ​ ​•  ​[[links]] ​ ​•  ​[[contact]]  • [[materials]]
 ======friends,​ supporters, and awesomeness====== ======friends,​ supporters, and awesomeness======
 [[http://​​|amy walsh]] [[http://​​|amy walsh]]
 +[[http://​​|aviary gallery]]
 [[http://​​|corey bechelli]] [[http://​​|corey bechelli]]
 [[http://​​|dish a day]] [[http://​​|dish a day]]
 +[[http://​​|fun-a-day boston]]
 +[[http://​​|fun-a-day charlottesville]]
 +[[http://​​|fun-a-day dc]]
 +[[http://​​ |fun-a-day delaware]]
 +[[http://​​|fun-a-day dubuque]]
 [[http://​​|fun-a-day houston]] [[http://​​|fun-a-day houston]]
 [[http://​​|fun-a-day pittsburgh]] [[http://​​|fun-a-day pittsburgh]]
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 [[http://​​|midwives collective and gallery]] [[http://​​|midwives collective and gallery]]
 [[http://​​|molly mcintyre]] [[http://​​|molly mcintyre]]
 +[[http://​​|nave gallery]]
 [[http://​​|nick lally]] [[http://​​|nick lally]]
 [[https://​​northportfishington|north port fishington cookie factory]] [[https://​​northportfishington|north port fishington cookie factory]]
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 [[http://​​|studio 34 yoga|healing|arts]] [[http://​​|studio 34 yoga|healing|arts]]
 [[http://​​|ted passon]] [[http://​​|ted passon]]
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