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-=====2020 Fun-A-Day ​Art Show Submission Guide=====+=====Fun-A-Day ​2021=====
 {{ :​fad04.jpg?​nolink&​500 }} {{ :​fad04.jpg?​nolink&​500 }}
--The 2020 Fun-A-Day ​Art Show takes place on **February 14 & 152020from 7-11pm** both nights.+-Fun-A-Day ​starts ​on January 12021! The challenge is simple: pick a creative project and work on it everyday in the month of January! Anything goes- draw a picturebake a cake, record a song, make the bed art is what you make it, use your creativity to go wild!
--It will be held at [[http://​​|Studio 34|Yoga|Healing|Arts]], 4522 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia,​ PA, 19143 +Fun-A-Day has existed since 2005, and normally there is an Art Show, graciously hosted by [[http://​​|Studio 34 Yoga]]. ​There will be no show this year due to COVID-19and we feel like the decentralizedchaotic beauty of the community coming together to share creative work can not be adequately replicated online
-[[https://​​maps?​q=Studio+34+Yoga+Healing+Arts,​+Baltimore+Avenue,​+Philadelphia,​+PA&​hl=en&​ll=39.94898,​-75.213604&​spn=0.006424,0.011362&​sll=40.07304,-74.724323&​sspn=6.564738,​11.634521&​oq=studio+34&​t=m&​z=17&​iwloc=A|map to Studio 34 Yoga|Healing|Arts]]+
--The show is freeall ages, and everyone ​is invited. Snacks ​and refreshments will be available.+Instead we encourage everyone to participate in a daily creative practiceand most importantly,​ to use our ingenuity to foster our connections to friends, family, and community in real life, away from a screen, all while Staying Safe and respecting each other'​s boundaries! Real life is where the magic of creation happens; screens help us connect ​and communicateWe don't have a formula for seeing friends while staying safe, but the level of imaginativeness on display in the community through the years fuels our hope that we can figure it out!
-=====Set-up Schedule=====+Connecting online is still important, so use the hashtag #FAD2021 on social media to follow along with everyone doing a project. There are also multiple cities hosting Fun-A-Day shows online- fell free to participate in any or all of the following:
-Show set-up is on **Friday, February 14 from 12:30-7pm** at Studio 34Just bring your project and set it upWe will be there to help with set-up, ​and will have various supplies available for use (tape, thumbtacks, nails, hammers, string, etc.) Feel free to bring your own supplies as wellThere'​s plenty of wall space, but a limited number of tablesIf you need a table to display your work, come early, or consider bringing your own small one!+[[https://​​|Fun-A-Day DC]] 
 +Follow Fun-A-Day DC on [[​funadaydc/​|Facebook]] ​and [[https://​​funadaydc/​|Instagram]]
-**We strongly recommend that you get there before 5 pm to set up your project! If you can't make it by then, consider dropping off your project to us on Wednesday Feb 12, 2020 or enlist ​friend to drop off your project for you!**+[[http://​​fun-a-day-la|Fun-A-Day LA]] 
 +Follow Fun-A-Day LA on [[https://​​funadayla/​|Facebook]]
-If you can't make it on Friday, we will be collecting projects at Studio 34 on **Wednesday Feb 12, 2020 from 7-9pm.** Just drop off your project with us, and we will set it up for you on Friday!+[[https://​​|Fun-A-Day Dundee]] 
 +Follow Fun-A-Day Dundee on [[https://​​FunaDayDundee|Facebook]] ​and [[https://​​funadaydundee/​|Instagram]]
-Please take your work home with you when the show ends on **SaturdayFebruary 15 at 11pm,** or pick it up from Studio 34 on **Sunday, February 16 from 12-3pm.** +No matter how you participatewe encourage ​you to have fun and make art.
- +
-All this and more can be located on the submission form below. **If you want to be in the show, please fill this form out! Not only does it help us keep everything organized, but it will help us to create little labels for everyone'​s ​art!** +
-[[https://​​forms/​d/​e/​1FAIpQLScVQqjLpJ56JX5CznB6IAOTuPusgWaOq01xB1u5OJgIHbHunQ/​viewform?​usp=sf_link|Fun-A-Day Submission Form]] +
- +
-If you have any questions or concerns, email <​>,​ or message us through the [[https://​​pages/​Fun-a-Day-Philadelphia/​208489292567077|Fun-A-Day Philadelphia Facebook page.]] +
- +
-Don't forget to invite your friends! +
-[[https://​​events/​1455091501333423/​|Fun-A-Day Art Show Facebook Invite]] +
- +
-**Thanks for being part of Fun-A-Day!**+
 Love, Love,
-Artclash +-artclash
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