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The Artclash Collective is a Philadelphia-based group of artists who organize art projects and shows that aim to be fun, inclusive and participatory. With each project/show, we seek to create a welcoming forum for people to share their art and form a community. Our shows are always free, non-juried and all ages. We hope they help people embrace their creativity and serve as an inspiration for those who attend. We hope we can inspire you to make art!

Fun-a-Day shows not organized by the Artclash Collective or the Artclash Collective WEST are independently run, inspired by our example.

artclash collective

Corey Bechelli
Corey Bechelli draws comics.
He has been Artclash since 2004.
He practices Fun-A-Day Forever.

Kara Schlindwein
Kara Schlindwein is a designer, art director and illustrator based in west philadelphia and a founding member of the artclash collective. she experiments regularly in printmaking, typography, sewing, baking, and general crafting. More of her work can be found at

Sharon Wasko
Sharon “Quality” Wasko spends almost all of her time in West Philadelphia. She has participated in every Fun-A-Day so far and has been an official Artclash collective member since 2008. Sharon owns a pet care company ( and spends most of her time with dogs and cats, but she also draws pictures, mostly of dogs and cats. She imagines that if Artclash did not exist, she would probably never do anything cool.

Mike Servedio
Mike Servedio is a soccer blogger, occasional song writer, and founding member of the artclash collective. he enjoys walking in the woods, kicking a soccer ball and playing his banjo ukulele.

Gina Renee Fontana
Gina is a musician/composer, light-being, and lover of life. she believes that everything in the universe is made of music.

Nick Lally [former collective member, now mostly web support]
Nick Lally is an artist living in Oakland, California. He has an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media from UC Santa Cruz, he is a founding member of the Artclash Collective, he teaches at the California College of the Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute, and he likes making things. His interests include digital media, collaboration, participation, radical political theory, mathematics, education, bicycles, and friendship. You can find out more about him here:

fun-a-day pittsburgh

fun-a-day boston

Wendi Wing & Team Boston
For more info:

fun-a-day portland

Sarah Golomb
Sarah Golomb studied anthropology at Temple University, but has always kept her hands wet with creativity (sewing experiments…street furniture salvaging). She experienced Fun-A-Day Philly as an audience member- loved it and was inspired. She moved to Portland and couldn't imagine this city without it, and she needed to participate this time!

fun-a-day providence

Fun-A-Day Providence is organized by a collective of talented makers, artists, and planners. From yoga instructors to technology professionals and urban farmers, the Providence Fun-A-Day organizers come from a variety of backgrounds and talents. Started in Providence by Philly native, Joanna Schwartz, the group has grown to include Catie Allard, Hong Chau, Sarah Daegling, Pnina Pressburger, Elizabeth Talbot, Natasha Brooks-Sperduti and many more.

fun-a-day dundee

Morgan Cahn
I want to engage people and inspire them. I want everyone to feel that they are artists, and to put artistic thought into the places they spend their lives in.

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