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This is an old revision of the document! to the Hudson Valley's first ever Fun-A-Day project! The project will happen from January 1st-31st, 2014. Simply pick a project and do it every day! It can be a simple or as complex as you'd like. Take a look at the links on for some inspiration. I'll be trying to update this blog with some of my past projects as well.

Some folks choose a big project and work on it a little bit every day, while others do something with 31 components. If you don't actually get to it every single day, it's ok. You'll have some time to catch up before the show in February. Think about how you'd like to display your work as you're going along. It can hang on the wall, sit on a table, be in a book, an installation, or simply online.

There's no sign-up process for Fun-A-Day. Normally, we don't know how many people participated until the day before the show! But this year, since I have no idea how many people will participate, can you give me a heads up? Go to our Facebook page at and leave us a note, or email me at This will help me decide how big a space I should be looking for for the show.

Check back here and on FB for info about the show. I'm hoping to find someplace in or near Rosendale, but any suggestions anywhere in the Hudson Valley are appreciated.


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