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Fun-A-Day 2021


-Fun-A-Day starts on January 1, 2021! The challenge is simple: pick a creative project and work on it everyday in the month of January! Anything goes- draw a picture, bake a cake, record a song, make the bed - art is what you make it, use your creativity to go wild!

Fun-A-Day has existed since 2005, and normally there is an Art Show, graciously hosted by Studio 34 Yoga. There will be no show this year due to COVID-19, and we feel like the decentralized, chaotic beauty of the community coming together to share creative work can not be adequately replicated online.

Instead we encourage everyone to participate in a daily creative practice, and most importantly, to use our ingenuity to foster our connections to friends, family, and community in real life, away from a screen, all while Staying Safe and respecting each other's boundaries! Real life is where the magic of creation happens; screens help us connect and communicate. We don't have a formula for seeing friends while staying safe, but the level of imaginativeness on display in the community through the years fuels our hope that we can figure it out!

Connecting online is still important, so use the hashtag #FAD2021 on social media to follow along with everyone doing a project. There are also multiple cities hosting Fun-A-Day shows online- fell free to participate in any or all of the following:

Fun-A-Day DC
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Fun-A-Day LA
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Fun-A-Day Dundee
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No matter how you participate, we encourage you to have fun and make art.


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